CND Creative Vanilla hand and nail lotion

Nail art silver chrome shellac

silver chrome shellac

purple purple and gold vip status shellac

Shellac with nail art on thumbs (glitter)

Shellac purple purple with silver glitter and hexagons

Shellac pruple purple

Acrylic nail extensions

Gel nail extensions

Nail extensions gel, with Shellac-Strawberry smoothie

Airbrush french polish

Gel nail extensions side view

CND Creative cherry hand and nail lotion

Dark toe file and polish

toes nail art polish

File and polish toes with nail art

hotski to tchotchki

Treatments for Hands and Feet


We offer CND SHELLAC polish- Chip and smudge free, no drying time needed- 14 day wear polish

File and polish with Shellac hands or feet 40 mins £15

CND Shellac polish: 14 day wear chip, nick and smudge resistent, no drying time, yes really! your nails are dry straight after it's applied, no waiting or being careful following treatment needed.

Range of colours available

new colours coming soon! 

File and polish hands or feet (kids) 30 mins £10

Sanitise, file/shape nails and polish. Wide range of colours to choose from including french.

Add £2-3 to you manicure price for added nail art on special occassions.

(children having this treatment done will need parental consent and a parent present during tretment)