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Waxing Treatments

Waxing with warm strip wax

I use Satin Smooth lavender and Lycon gold strip warm wax for general strip/warm waxing ie. larger areas on the body, both are excellent for sensitive skin types.

Prices marked with an * list a possible price difference, allowing for any extra time spent during the waxing treatment.

Half leg strip/warm wax 30 mins £10
Full leg strip/warm wax 45 mins £20
Full leg and bikini strip/warm wax 1 hour £25
Bikini line - high bikini line strip/warm wax 20 mins £10
Forearm strip/warm wax, half/full 20 mins £12 to 15
Underarm strip/warm wax 15 mins £9
Eyebrows strip/warm wax 15 mins £7
Lip/chin strip/warm wax 15 mins £5


Abdomen warm wax 5 mins £5
Brazilian warm wax 30 mins £22

Most of the hair is removed, apart from a strip left down the middle, appropriate aftercare products and advice will be provided following treatment.

Hollywood warm wax 45 mins £26

All of the hair is removed leaving the area totally hair free. Appropriate aftercare advise and products given post treatment 

LYCON hot wax and LYCOJET waxing

I also use LYCON hot and lycojet wax. LYCON Hot wax is highly recommended for  the bikini area including high bikin line, g-string, brazilian and hollywood, it's also more gentle for the underam, lip and chin areas.

Lycojet wax is very popular and is excellent for the bikini area, underarms and facial waxing including the brows.

Lycon -So yummy chocolate hot wax is a specialised hot wax for the bikini/brazilian/hollywood waxing, it also great for underarms and facial waxing including the brows. This wax includes using a pre-epilation oil which protects the skin- allowing the wax to shrink wrap around the hair leaving the skin totally undamaged, making it excellent for sensitive skin, coarse hair and clients who find waxing particularly painful!!

Lycon bikini line only 15 mins £18

This treatment will remove all of the hair outside of your normal briefs/bikini bottoms. Luxury wax and aftercare products and advice provided.

Lycon G-string wax 20 mins £22

Inbetween a brazilian and bikini line this treatment will remove all of the hair outside of your normal briefs/bikini bottoms including slightly more underneath, leaving a neat triangular area of hair.

Lycon Brazilian wax 45 mins £28
Lycon Hollywood wax 1 hour £32
Lycon underarm wax 15 mins £10
Lycon brow wax & shape 20 mins £8
Lycon lip 10 mins £5
Lycon chin/jawline 15 mins £8 to 10
Lycon naval line/abdomen 15 mins £8

£8-10* Depending on size of area being waxed.